Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our First Christmas... As Mr. & Mrs.

Our Holiday
Well, as you may or may not know, Mark and I started talking on November 30, 2009. After decorating my Christmas tree and making sure every bulb and light was in place I plugged in the tree and much to my dismay... a whole strand of lights were out. I posted my frustration on Facebook and was met with a sarcastic response from Mark. That conversation was the beginning of our happily ever after. Now, on November 30 we will celebrate our 'holiday' by decorating for Christmas. Here are some pictures of 2010...
Mark putting our Christmas tree together.
Don't worry... I did check the lights this year!
This Christmas Tree is approved by my husband!
On our Honeymoon we went into a Christmas shop and bought our first Christmas ornament.

Christmas Eve w/the Stares
This year we started our own Christmas Eve tradition. Our morning started off with breakfast in bed. My husband, the wonderful cook that he is, made pancakes and sausage. We spent the rest of the day lounging around and having some quality time before all the Christmas festivities.
Christmas Eve at my parent's house
The year that my dad lost his job he started buying us gag gifts from Goodwill in order to bring laughter back into our family. This tradition has continued over the past few years and it is a highlight of our Christmas. This year my dad got Mark a kid's bow set and a wooden deer for practice because he hasn't 'caught' a deer yet, my brother a car and bubbles for his hot bubble baths, my sister camo slippers because she loves camo so much, and me a Coach/Louis Vuitton/Chanel/Prada purse.