Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dry Erase Plate

Ever since my bachelorette party at my friends house I have wanted one of these plates. You are not only able to write on them with dry erase markers but change the ribbon to match the occasion. I was so excited when my mom bought me one as a housewarming gift. She gave it to me just in time and I was able to write our 'menu' on it for a fellowship night/open house we had on Sunday.
I have so many ideas for this plate... Writing love notes for my husband, a countdown to Christmas,/birthdays/anniversaries, scripture verses, messages to guests at a party, etc... I can't wait to use this plate again. The ideas are countless!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Last night we had Sunday night service at our house as a little House Warming Party. The menu was simple but I did include one thing I've been dying to make because they looked so easy and cute at the same time... Smores-on-a-stick!
After melting chocolate, I placed a large marshmallow, you know.... the really big ones, on a stick and twirled it around in the chocolate. Then, with the chocolate still wet, I dipped the marshmallow in a bowl of crushed up graham crackers. Everyone seemed to like this new twist on an old treat!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So excited...

I am so excited because I was finally able to make a Diaper Cake. My friend Rachel and her husband Rich are expecting a little girl soon and Rachel's Baby Shower was last week. The baby's room is a jungle/monkey theme so her shower was the same and it was adorable. Who knew monkey's could be so colorful?

I wanted to do something special for them because Rachel threw me my wonderful Bridal Shower so I decided to make her a Diaper Cake!

Here is what I used:
1 box of Size 2 diapers (100/box)
A Beanie Baby Monkey
1 roll of ribbon (1 1/2 inches thick)
Rubber Bands (to wrap the diapers)
Wooden Animals (Pat Catans, already painted)
Toys such as rattles, teething rings, booties, musical
A cake plate

I simply started by wrapping the diapers and holding them with a rubber band. Once that was finished, I started to place them around a pop bottle. I used a pop bottle as a filler so I wouldn't have to get another box of diapers. Once I had my desired size I tied them together with yarn. Then I hot glued the ribbon on each of the three tiers. I then glued the animals on, set the tiers on top of each other, and decorated with toys. Lastly, I placed the monkey on top. I am so grateful because her mom actually let me place it with the actual cakes on the cake table. :)

I also found a great idea from Janet at Today's Fabulous Finds. I made Rich a 'Daddy Duty Kit' for when it's his turn to change the baby's diaper. Janet used a tool belt for her project, which I couldn't find, so I decided to put it in a construction bucket. I included the poem found on Janet's website and the following items: Goggles, gloves, clothespin, tongs, diapers, and wipes. I also had a construction cone left over from my dad's 50th birthday party so I threw that in there too.

{Funny Story: My keys were sitting on the top of my car as I was carrying the Diaper Cake inside. When I came out I grabbed the bucket and my keys. They were so hot from the sun I dropped them in the bucket and... forgot about them. When Rich pulled everything out he screamed "She got us a car!" and pulled out my keys! Guess this girls an Indian Giver because I definitely took my car home!}

I had such a great time at her shower and cannot wait for this little blessing to come into the world so I can spoil her!