Saturday, September 24, 2011

Craft Night

Last night was our first MBC Craft Night... The night was filled with ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, an over-worked Cricut and lots and lots of laughter. Our craft for the night was coffee table coasters. Each lady brought their own ideas and inspirations to the table and drafted away. Here are some of my coasters for the night...
Coasters for our nightstands

A special coaster for Mark's milk on those chocolate-chip-cookie kind of nights

A coaster for my desk
Pictures throughout the night...
Julie & Abby planning their coasters

Debbie hard at work

Michele making us all laugh

Jane & Pam working on their coasters

Hannah & Missy smiling for the camera

The youth
Does it look like fun? Join us for the next one. Craft Nights are once a month... October's craft: Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Date Night

So the other day when I was doing my daily blog-hunt I stumbled across The Dating Divas. I sat for hours looking through all their creative date ideas. One idea really piqued my interest, a Choose Your Own Adventure Date. My mind immediately started going thinking of my husbands favorite places around here and cool things we could do. Finally, I gave in and told him to keep Thursday night free as I was planning a date for us.

I started by creating a book cover from a CYOA book. I changed the title to The Dating Adventure, put myself as the author, and added detective/clue-like clipart.

Then I came up with different levels of activities: pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner, etc. For each level I had four options for Mark to choose from. I printed these off, put them in envelopes, then on each envelope I wrote a clue as to what was inside. I think he had the most fun trying to figure out each clue as he HATES surprises.

When I had finished that I wrote a poem to go with the cover. The poem told him what tonight's date was going to be.

Here are some pictures from our Choose Your Own Adventure Date:

I gave him the first set of envelopes at home. He read the clues then choose one to open.

 That envelope sent us 'Window shopping at Family Christian Bookstore'.

After that it was time for dinner and we were off to Los Gallos. This decision was a tough one...

For our activity we went to Wal-Mart and bought each other a $5 gift. We cheated a little on this one and we kind of picked out what we wanted. Mark got doe pee (how romantic, I know...) for hunting, and I got a Paula Dean cinnamon and apple candle.

Overall our date night was a huge success!