Craftin & Scrapin

 Some of my favorite projects:
Valentine's Day Heart Pot

Why I Love You...
My first Valentine's Day present to my now husband... I began making this the day after our first date. It orginally said 52 Reasons Why I Like You but two days after our date I knew I loved him. Each card has a reason why I love him so much.

Spring Flower Pots that I made for my coworkers in spring of 2010

I have always loved these words/names pictures so one day I decided to try it out and make one myself. It took me about two hours walking around town but I am very happy with the result and yes, Mark loved it!
(It is meant to go side by side and spells out I-L-O-V-E-M-A-R-K)

Bottle Cap Necklaces
Please see post for more information
Magnetic Board to hold bottlecaps

Date Night Jar
 Mark and I each wrote out different ideas for dates we would like to go on. Next time we don't know how to spend a Friday or Saturday night, we have plenty of ideas.

Flat Marbles

These were so much fun to make. I will eventually place magnets on the back and use them but now they are sitting on my desk at school and my craft table at home and look just fine.

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