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My Testimony
I attended church since I was born so I grew up singing Jesus Loves Me, carrying my first Bible (which was only the New Testament and Psalms), thinking of VBS as vacation, and actually working at all the church work days. It wasn't until the summer when I was 8, though, that I started really thinking about what 'church' meant to me. Of course it was fun, I had two of my best friends there with me, and yes, I got in trouble for talking during prayer or busting out toys during the sermon, but it wasn't until that age that I started questioning why? Why was I there? At the age of 8, sitting in a Backyard Bible Club at the Mashburns house I realized why I go to church. I go to hear the Word of God. I go to learn about my Savior. I go for guidance and forgiveness. I go to church for love. I go to fellowship with other believers. I go to grow in my salvation. On that summer day, sitting in a basement, I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Church then had a deeper meaning, my relationship with God was deeper.

Now, at 28 I still love going to church. I love growing in the Lord, I love my church family, and I love all of our youth. I truly try to start off each day thanking God for all that he has blessed me with.

Vacation Bible School
I believe that God has called me to lead Vacation Bible School for the past couple of years. Here are some pictures of previous years...

Crocodile Dock


High Seas Adventure


Mark and I are very active in our church. Each week we lead about 10-15 youth. Spending time with the youth is one of our favorite things to do. We just spend a weekend with them for a True Love Waits Retreat and had a blast. They truly are a blessing to the both of us. We love you guys!
Fall Festival

Winter Retreat 2011

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