Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy BIRTHday Jase!

I was told by so many people to spend the night before my induction relaxing, spending some quality time with Mark, and getting the last few things together... This is exactly was I was expecting to do when I was told Wednesday morning that I would be induced on Thursday. Mark and I were going to go to church, go out to eat for the very last time as just husband and wife, then head home to finish packing, spend some time with Ruby, and get a good nights sleep. But then the storm came... and the power went out... for 5 hours! Just as we were getting ready to leave for church lightening hit a pole down the street and the power was gone! We also thought we had a power line down across our driveway but it turned out just to be a phone line... phew! We still managed to get to church and go out to the Olive Garden for dinner but as for the rest... we were at my parents until 11:00 then finally decided to head home to pack by flashlight. Thankfully though, as we were driving up the street we saw the lights slowly start to come on. We did what we needed to do, headed to bed at 2:00 with our alarms set for 4 am.

4:00 am: Beep Beep Beep... the alarm went off and woke me from a very light sleep. I hopped in the shower and started to get ready for our big day.

5:15 am: Nothing beats a McDonalds breakfast

5:30 am: Arrive at the hospital only to find out that they were not expecting me... ugh!

6:00 am: The nurse prepped me for my IV and we got the party started! This nurse also gave Mark a very important piece of advice... EAT! She said there is nothing worse than a husband passed out on the floor!

8:00 am: The anesthesiologist came in and began my epidural. My doctor wanted it done early because she said my cervix wasn't favorable... I gladly agreed :)

9:00 am: Dr. DeMartino came in and broke my water.

11:00 am: 3 cm dilated

12:00 pm: My parents arrive and shortly after Mark's arrive. The pastor also stopped by and prayed for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

4:00 pm: 4 cm dilated

5:00 pm: 4 cm dilated

6:30 pm: Still 4 cm dilated... At this time the nurse came in and told us that the doctor wanted her to prep me for a C-Section. I immediately began to cry... I didn't really have a plan but the little bit of a plan that I did have did not include a C-Section. I was crushed... I felt like I was being robbed of a moment I had been waiting for... After talking it over with Mark and my mom, and after praying about it, Mark asked the doctor for one more hour to see if any progress will come. I think the only reason why the doctor approved was because she wasn't even at the hospital yet...

7:30 pm: The doctor arrived and to satisfy our request she checked me one last time... WHAT?!?!? 10 cm? Really? Sure enough, I had progressed to 10 cm in that short time. I had started to feel the contractions but I just thought that the epidural was wearing off... never would I have thought I would be ready to push...

9:00 pm: This was when I really began pushing. The hardest part for me... holding my breath for so long. Mark was great. He was holding my leg and so encouraging.

9:23 pm: Welcome to the world Jase! I can't even put into words what this moment felt like... everything was happening so fast but yet slowly going through my mind. The overwhelming sense of joy I felt when he was placed in my arms... I just cried and cried...

10:00 pm: The family came in and Jase got to meet Mamaw and Papaw, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Christy and Uncle JD...

I look at this little boy and I cannot thank God enough for my precious son. I loved him while I was carrying him but the love you experience when you hold your child for the first time... well, there aren't words that can describe it.