Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Mark really did a good job in making tonight a special night. He knows that my favorite memory is when I drove to Kentucky last Valentine's Day so he recreated it for me. We had the best time and grew so close as it was only our second date. I remember walking to B-Dubs on Saturday night and all the lights stringing across the street. The sidewalks were covered in snow but that was okay because he kept me warm. I remember waking up on Sunday, Valentine's Day, and going to church then Arby's for our Valentine's Day dinner. Which was fine because that gave us more time to cuddle up and watch movies. He actually sent me my Valentine's day present because we weren't supposed to be together. So, I packed it up and brought it along. He bought me Serendipity, a favorite of ours. Using a deck of cards, I made him a book of 52 reasons why I love him.

So now here we are a year later watching Serendipity and eating Arby's curled up on the couch.

He got me a shirt that says 'I love my husband' and one for himself that says 'I love my wife'. And love me he does... Its awesome that he tells me how much he loves me each and every day not just on a day like today. If I had a quarter for everytime he told me I was beautiful and that he loved me I would... well, not have to go to the change machine at the car wash every time we needed to do laundry.

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