Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Duck Dynasty & Camo Cupcakes

For the season premier of Duck Dynasty, one of Mark's new favorite shows and the show if which we have a son he will be named after, I made Mark some camo cupcakes that I found on Pinterest. 
 First I mixed a vanilla cake mix and a chocolate cake mix. Then I separated the mixes and added green food coloring to create the camo effect. For the lighter green I used the vanilla mix with 13 drops of food coloring. The nasty green was vanilla cake mix, some chocolate mix, and 10 drops of food coloring. The lighter brown was a combination of vanilla and chocolate mix. The darker was chocolate mix and some blue and green food coloring. 
 Then I dropped the mix into the cups using a spoon. A dollop of one color, then another. Once full, I marbled them using a toothpick. 
 For this pan I used smaller drops and left them alone. I think this worked best!
 This is how they turned out after the came out of the oven.
 My handsome hubby enjoying his cupcakes while watching Duck Dynasty!

They turned out both cute, although Mark will argue that camo isn't cute, and delicious and we enjoyed our night. I do have to admit I love this show too! And yes, if we have a boy his name is Jase!


  1. i absolutely love that show and now have it recorded so i don't miss it! oh, and i do love that name! =)

  2. I love it all! Tom and I watch Duck Dynasty too- Si cracks me up. I love the name Jase! Miss you guys. Hope you're doing great! Love, Sarah


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