Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping Themed Baby Shower

Mark and I celebrated Jase with our closest family and friends at the beginning of the month. I wanted something new and different for our shower theme and fell in love with an outdoors/camping theme. All of my inspiration came from here. Here are a few of our pictures...

Our centerpieces consisted of a campfire, trail mix, balloons, and a camping bear table number
Here is a table with the balloons. They were made with tulle instead of string.
Trail Mix
The table from a different perspective. The party favors were AVON lotion tubes with flowers on them. Every table also had a rustic silverware package and a Baby Bingo Board.
Silverware Package... I used brown lunch bags and got 6 packages out of 1 bag. I then stamped them with words like 'enjoy', 'dig in', or 'eat'.
Baked Potato Bar 
We had chili and chicken and dumpling soup to go along with the baked potato... and it was a cold snowy day... perfect for the two!

'Jase Thomas' onesie banner I made using my cricut
Guests were encouraged to write daddy a little message on the diaper to make him laugh during his late night diaper changes!
Some of the messages were so funny!
Our Wishing Tree: Guests were encouraged to write a wish for Baby Jase, mommy and daddy!

Here are some handmade gifts that I received and absolutely LOVE... I know some very talented people!

This probably has to be my favorite gift and it was made by my dad! I love, love, LOVE my tree bookshelf. It will fit perfectly in Jase's room. (He even made a little tree stand to go with it!) Thanks Dad!

Rachel, my matron of honor, made me a baby quilt out of the bridesmaid dress she wore in my wedding. The material from the dress is the dark blue patches... love this more than ever! It will be a forever keepsake!

Christy and her boyfriend's mother, Lynn, made Jase crocheted football helmets... here is the Bengals one and there is also a Dallas Cowboys one for when he is with grandma and grandpa.

My mom, dad, sister and brother had many personalized onesies and bibs made... This one is from Christy and says "If you think I'm loud you should hear my aunt"... another one says "If you think I'm cute you should see my uncle". They even made a bib that has a picture of Ruby, our dog, on it and it says "Best Friends Forever"
Another gift from Rachel... she made a 4-Wheeler diaper cake. I wish we had gotten a better picture of it!
Mark and I are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family! We love each and every one of you and appreciate all that you do for us. We can't wait to welcome Jase Thomas into the world and introduce you all to him. We know you will love him as much as you love the both of us! Thank you for all of your gifts and well wishes!


  1. That tree shelf is amazing! What a precious gift to keep and use over the years :)

    Rachel @

  2. How cute!! I am 36 weeks along with #4, my first girl. I love your shower ideas. The tree bookshelf is amazing as well! I looked into buying one, but decided the $850 price tag just wasn't worth it! Good luck and happy pushing!

  3. Very cute theme! You are almost there! I can't wait to read your birth announcement.

  4. Wow, the tree shelf is awesome!

    Elise @

  5. This is amazing! Congratulations to you guys. It is actually a very unique, I never heard or seen anybody doing this. It’s actually look pretty cool. I can also do this for my sister’s baby shower. I am planning to book one of her favorite Chicago event venues for the baby shower party. We are going to have a little different baby shower that’s why it is in a venue.


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