Wednesday, May 11, 2011

52 Reasons Why...

The story behind the gift: Mark and I knew each other for years but just from passing at Seneca Lake Youth Camp. We began talking via Facebook on November 30,2010. We met at the Winter Retreat (Seneca Lake), I was a chaperone, he was Co-Director in January. He came to Ohio (from Louisville, KY) for our first date, 7 hours away, on Friday, February 3. He got snowed in (we got 27 inches in a few hours). He ended up stuck in Ohio until Sunday afternoon... On Sunday afternoon, I fell in love. Over the phone on Monday he asked me if I wanted a silver or gold ring... (apparently he fell in love too) The next weekend, which happened to be Valentine's Day weekend, I drove the 7 hour drive to see him. I needed a gift and had 4 snow days to create one for him... 

This started as a '52 Reasons Why I Like You' book but after our Sunday afternoon I knew I loved him. I simply bought a deck of cards, a pack of binder rings, and scrapbook paper. I sat down with my Cricut and bad a blast. I had the most fun thinking up reasons why I loved him... Some are quirky like 'We both hate pickles' and some are very serious.

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