Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So Very Proud

I am so very proud of my husband, Mark. Today was his ordination service. We had a wonderful day which started out with Youth Sunday. Each month with 5 Sundays the youth group leads worship and Mark preaches. Marks parents, aunt and uncle, and nephew came up for the service then we had a great time going to lunch.

After lunch we showed them the apartment then headed to my parents. It was so nice to have our families together. More of his family and many friends came from Columbus to share in this time. After an hour of council, Mark's ceremony began. It was encouraging to see a good pastor friend of Marks get up and say great things about him. Our pastor closed the ceremony.

Afterwards we there was fellowship with everyone who came out to support him. There was an outpouring of love from both sides of the family, friends near and far, our awesome youth group, and our church family.
I am so proud of Mark for all that he has accomplished and look forward to following God's call for our lives.

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