Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chalkboard Paint With a lil' bit of Vinyl

So I decided to take the left over paint and vinyl from last month's Craft Night and paint myself a nice new chalk board... in the bathroom! Come on ladies, who doesn't want a chalk board in the bathroom?
Mark had been wanting a place where we can post things that we are praying for and since he took to our dresser mirror in the bedroom with a dry erase marker I was eager to find him another spot. Being that this is a personal thing for us we didn't want it anywhere where everyone and their mother would see it when they stopped by so I figured the inside of our bathroom cabinet would be a great place. While it's not a place where guests usually go it is a spot that him and I see daily.

Well, what do you think? Leave me a comment!

P.S. Please ignore the fact that there is no light switch cover... We are yet to find one that fits... And to be honest with you I've grown used to it so I forgot about it until I saw the picture. Oops!

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  1. Great idea, and I would have never noticed the light switch if you hadn't mentioned it, lol.


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