Monday, January 14, 2013

A Wedding Ornament

So one of my very close friends got married this weekend and I was able to make another invitation ornament. I have to say... this is kind of my 'go-to' handmade wedding gift. Its so easy but yet looks so nice and is a great keepsake for the bride and groom.

A clear glass or plastic ornament
The wedding invitation
A paper cutter
A pencil
Ribbon to match the colors

 Step 1: Find the wedding invitation... (And make sure you copy down all information so that you know where the reception is and what time both the ceremony and reception start...)
 Step 2: Using your paper cutter, slice the invitation into strips. Each strip should have only one line of text on it. It doesn't matter if some are thicker than others... you won't be able to tell. I also only use the strips with 'wedding' text (For example if the invitation gives directions I don't include the directions or information like that.)
 Step 3: Using a pencil, loosely wrap each strip around to form a curly-q. (Yes, that is a technical term.)
 Here is what you will get. Don't worry if it looks to 'tight'. They will loosen up and expand once in the bulb.
 Step 4: Place each strip into the ornament. I found that rolling it in a small circle then poking it through the top works best. If you feed it through, one end to the other, it tends to uncurl.
Step 5: Add a ribbon to the top and there you have it! Now the bride and groom have a copy of their wedding invitation and an ornament to remember their wedding by every Christmas!

What are some wedding keepsake ideas you use?

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