Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why I Love My Husband

This time of year I really start to think about my love for my husband. You can find our Love Story here but here is a Cliff's Notes version... Mark and I 'met' in seventh grade at youth camp. The boys from his church roomed with the boys from my church and they became friends. I on the  other hand, wanted nothing to do with the boys from his church. Fast forward about 15 years and we started casually talking on Facebook. That January he was working at Seneca Lake Youth Camp and I went as a chaperon for our girls. After spending a little time together that weekend he asked me for my number. He called the NEXT day... he was such a gentleman that he did not need the whole 3 day rule!!! Our conversations from that night on were at least 3 hours... every night. 2 weeks later he came up to Poland, from Louisville KY, for our first date. Due to the snow that date ended up being a weekend and by Sunday I. Was. In. LOVE. Monday on the phone he asked me if I wanted a silver or gold ring! Wow... So, why do I love this man?

1. He has such a love for God! Many of our conversations revolve around loving the Lord and trying to be faithful to his calling for us as a couple.

2. He is so funny! Just yesterday he had me laughing so hard I was crying... and it wasn't even trying to be funny! He sings, he dances, and he just likes to goof off and have fun!

3. He is my rock! He has gotten me through many ups and downs. With him by my side I can accomplish anything.

4. He is faithful! I love knowing that he only has eyes for me. He makes sure I know that I am the only one for him.

5. He is oh-so-SEXY! Especially in his Bengals jersey and hat turned backwards... Hubba Hubba!

Now I could go on and on but for times sake I would say that this is why I love my husband! Join me over at Happy Wives Club and link up your post on why you love your husband. Why I Love My Husband

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