Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Sunday Morning Life Saver

So since Lily has been born our Sunday mornings have been cRazY! We barely made it to church on time with just Jase... And now I am teaching the youth Sunday School class so being on time is a must! (Come on, I can't have high schoolers getting there before me... they are the ones who are supposed to be late!)

I started to make it a habit of packing the diaper bag and laying out clothes on Saturday. It has made a huge difference. Then Mark can even help dress the kids and guess what?!? They will match!  (I love my hubby but sometimes his clothing choices are sub par) While shopping at Kohls one day (It was my first day out with out any kids so let's just say I scoured every inch of the store to make it last) I found two little chalk board hooks on clearance for just a few bucks. I snatched them up, added a little paint, and viola!

(Sorry about the poor lighting... when it's dark outside that is as light as their room gets with their little lights... but hey, they are the same lights that were in my husbands room when he was a kid so that's the price you pay for nostalgia...)

Saturday night, if not before, both kiddos have their entire outfits hung (I even hang up one shoe and place the other one near by on the dresser because as any parent will tell you... shoe searching while you are on your way out the door is a beast). This has been such a lifesaver!

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