Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 days of summer...

19 days of summer! No that is not an official change in the calendar, its how many days I am in town from the last day of school until August. Mark and I have a very busy summer coming up. We were in Columbus for our nephew's graduation party and to hang out with good friends this past weekend. This upcoming weekend/week we have Super Summer (Go Red School!). Super Summer is a leadership camp for youth with a strong committment to follow the Lord. I have spent the past two weeks preparing for our 'Lifeguard' themed room. Pictures will be coming! 2 days after Super Summer we leave for our 'official' Honeymoon in Hawaii... that's right... Hawaii! We are soooo excited and have spent the past few nights booking a laua, a snorkeling trip, a day at Pearl Harbor, and looking into all the sights we want to see. Lots of pictures posted when we are home. 4 days later and we leave for our first week of Youth Camp. Followed by the second week, then the third... Mark and I have a love for Youth Camp and Seneca Lake so we are also excited to be serving there as well. We also, how could I have forgotten to mention, bought a house (Yea us!) in the midst of all of this and will be getting the keys sometime in between this craziness! Luckily for us, the only remodeling the house needs is a fresh coat of paint (lime green, mint green, hot pink, and bright blue aren't really for us) and some minor kitchen work, so we should be move-in ready in no time. Well, my time blogging should really be put to a stop as I have two vacations to pack for and an entire apartment that needs to be put in a box!


  1. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! All of that sounds awesome!!! Hawaii and a house! WOW! I can't wait to talk to you!!! Congratulations on all your great news! xoxo, Sarah

  2. Thanks for stopping by the person you really need to talk to is Nana check out the link to My paper tree house in the posting you commented on she hosted todays events the whole thing was free. Talk to her she super nice.


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