Thursday, June 2, 2011

Twilight Parties

With all the exciting new movies that are set to come out this summer I decided to post pictures and ideas from my Twilight and New Moon movie release parties. Yes... I am in my 20s and am still having parties to celebrate my addictions. Ironically enough though, these parties ranged from 12-year-olds to 40-year-olds. I was able to have a party the opening night of both Twilight and New Moon. When Eclipse was released I was away so no parties for that one :( Both nights were filled with themed decorations, food, and games. A great time was had by all. I hope these can give you Twi-fans an idea for the big Breaking Dawn release...

Werewolf cupcakes made by my mother (chocolate icing for the fur, light brown m&ms for the eyes, dark for the nose, a gummie candy cut in half for the mouth and white icing piped for the teeth

Dirt cake made to look like Jacob's garage. Oreos were crumbled on top to look like dirt, trees were bought at Pat Catans, "Bella's and Jacob's" motorcycles were borrowed from my little brother, and garage was printed off from a google image.

My favorite! This is the recipe for puppy chow (also called Monkey Munch). It looked like doggie food so we called it Werewolf Kibble and stuck it in a dog dish from the Dollar Tree.

Are you Team Edward?

Or Team Jacob?

For the New Moon party I wanted it to look rugged so I used burlap and river stones for my centerpieces. The tray is just a photo tray I got for my birthday that I put printed out pictures in.

A werewolf I traced from an overhead projector. If you look closely you can see the gift bags. I wanted them to look like paper sacks.

There's a vampire in the bathroom! Ahh!

The bathroom door sald Italy on it and inside were the Volturi. If you look closely I wrote one of my favorite quotes from the book on the mirror with a red dry erase marker.
Other ideas that I didn't get a picture of:

My invitations were made to look like ticket stubs to the movie.
I served 'I PUNCHed a werewolf in the face' punch as a drink.
The gift bags contained plastic vampire teeth, a Twilight bookmark I made, a yearly pocket calendar that my mom customized for each guest with their favorite character, a button that was interchangeable to say Team Jacob or Team Edward, a vampire chocolate (I got the mold clearanced from Halloween) and a werewolf chocolate sucker I made from a mold I got online.

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