Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Surprise! Today was my dad's 50th birthday. My mom asked him what he wanted and all he said was to have the family over and a fire so of course we took that as a huge surprise birthday party. 

I found some great construction themed decorations to use for the walls and doorways.

. I grabbed some caution cones in the dollar spot at Target and added a '50' I made with my Cricut.

When my dad arrived we gave him a construction vest and a blow up walker. 
Both had caution signs all over them...

My dad has always been the King of Jokes so we decided it was only fitting to have a roast for him. Many friends and family were invited to tell those oh-so-embarassing stories. My dad did have one particular gues that we weren't expecting though...
My dad is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. He was recently in the hospital and when a few friends, including our pastor, came in to visit he was calling them 'cheerleaders'. So... our pastor decided to make the shoe fit and dressed up to roast my dad.

Happy 50th Birthday to the best dad a girl could ever have. 

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