Monday, October 3, 2011

One Year of Wedded Bliss...

Yesterday Mark and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Mark had the day planned, with a little alterior motive I might add, and it was so sweet. We started our anniversary 'weekend' by going to visit his parents in Columbus. Sunday morning we woke up and headed out... where? I was not told. I quickly guessed though as I saw the truck heading the all-to-familiar way to Seneca Lake. We stopped and ate lunch at Bob Evans. Mark chose Bob Evans because that is where we went to breakfast the morning after the wedding. That morning was one of my favorite moments to date... Just sitting there across from my husband. It was perfect... cold and rainy, I was in my 'Mrs. Wimbish' hoodie, shiny new rings on our fingers, we had nothing to do but go back to the cabin and warm up in the hot tub... I loved it. So we started off with lunch then headed down the windy road to the chapel... our chapel... the setting of not only our vows but where so many important decisions in our lives had been made.
We stopped to take a picture there then headed onto Vesper's Hill to snap another one before the rain came. Our wedding picture above the fireplace is the two of us standing in front of the cross. Now we have another one exactly one year later.

On our way home is when the sneaky guy of mine says "So umm... Did you know Cabella's isn't to far from here?" Because I love him so much we stopped at Cabella's.

After the drive home we came back to a year old cake waiting for us and envelopes to open... At the wedding we had our guests leave a message and seal it in an envelope. They were told that the envelopes would not be opened until our first anniversary. We had so much fun reading the advise given, hearing about our guests favorite part of our wedding, and reading different date ideas they thought we should do. We had a blast opening them. I would definitely recommend this to other brides out there. The cake... yea, we ate enough to say that we ate it...


Now I am all about traditions and found this GREAT idea on pinterest (can you say addicted???). I was really wanting to make our anniversaries special so we are documenting them with a picture. Each year on October 2 we are going to take a picture. This picture is different though... This is a picture of us holding last years' picture... Have you ever seen the opening of Modern Family... Where they hold a picture of them holding a picture of them... and I think you get it. That is our anniversary tradition... I can't wait to see this over the next few years...


  1. So proud of both of you. Hopefully you will be taking a 50 plus picture some day and be in love as much as you are now. Glad you both waited for God to bring the two of you together. (can't figure this thing out so I have to post as anonymous)

  2. Forgot to say I was Mom LOL

  3. Carrie! I can't believe it's already been a year! I knew it was coming up but didn't realize so soon. Congratulations! I love your picture idea. Tom and I have an anniversary box and we take a picture every year and write on the back (where we were living, where we went...etc.) And Ruby is adorable. I am looking forward to getting together soon! I miss you. xoxo Love, Sarah


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