Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Hand-Made Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day... Mark and I decided that to make Valentine's Day more meaningful we would make each other our presents. After searching for hours for an idea on Pinterest (as if I needed and excuse) I decided to make a Map Frame with all the places special to Mark. Check out how it turned out:

The map includes:
West Virginia: Mark has a lot of close family in West Virginia and spent many summers of his childhood hanging out there. We were also engaged while Four Wheeling in West Virginia.

Columbus: Mark was born in and lived in Columbus up until moving to Kentucky. His parents still live in Columbus and we visit as often as we can.

Seneca Lake: Seneca Lake is a place special to both Mark and myself. It is both where we met and where we were married. To read more about Seneca Lake click here.

Louisville, Kentucky: Mark was living in Louisville when we first started dating. He was going to Boyce College at the time. I went and visited over Valentine's Day weekend two years ago and it was probably the most memorable weekend we've had.

Mark did a great job picking out my gift. He got me a letter box to go on my nightstand. He added his 'hand-made' touch by imprinting 'Sug' on the front of it. He also wrote me a letter to be the first of many to go inside.

While our Valentine's Day may not have been ideal, spending two hours standing on the side of the road waiting for AAA, it was perfect. After we finally made it home from Applebee's we exchanged gifts and watched Breaking Dawn =D

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