Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Engagement

So if you've checked out Our Story you've read a little about how Mark and I met. Well I wanted to take a minute and tell you all about the proposal. I knew it was coming and was very confident that it would be the week of spring break. I was so confident that when our youth group went to a conference, my mom brought about 6 cameras and 2 camcorders so she could get it on tape in case it happened there. It did not though and I had to wait a few more days. I spent Easter with Mark and his family, actually meeting his brothers and their families for the first time then. Late Easter night we went to stay with more family in West Virginia. As soon as we arrived at Mark's cousins house, he immediately became withdrawn. I was actually very upset because here I am, on Easter, 6 hours away from my family, and he is acting like a turd. Anyways, the next day we were going to go four wheeling with his cousin and his wife, Shane and Jade. Again, acting like a turd. (He made fun of me for putting on makeup!!!) After riding around for awhile Mark and Shane 'decide' to go to a cliff made up of smaller rocks. As soon as we get there Mark jumps off and heads to the cliff and I am left to jump (literally) over to him. And this is what I see...

Hope you enjoyed the our happy beginning!

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  1. Fun! I think they all act a little strange when they're about to pop the question. Nerves just get the best of them. It's fun that you were able to get some action shots of the proposal!


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