Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forever Friends

I apologize the bracelets are so hard to see but I promise it
is very pretty.
With graduation around the corner I wanted to share this super-cute gift idea. I can't take any credit as this was a gift given to me (and my friends) by our friend Allie at Christmas. There were 8 of us throughout middle school and highschool who remained friends through it all. A few years ago Allie made us all bracelets with all of our birthstones on it. She ordered the bracelet from Jan-Dec and as March had three birthdays there were three aquamarine stones in a row. It is very special to me. When she gave us our bracelets we took a picture of us all (those who were home for Christmas) wearing them. I have it framed in my craft room as it is a great reminder of those friendships.

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